FBX doesn't look good.

Once created, the animation looked good in preview.
First I tried to import fbx into blender. I didn't recognize the skeleton, this is how it looked.


After that, I tried to import the animation directly into UE4. As a skeleton, I specified the standard skeleton of a mannequin. And saw this error:


Failed to import 'D:\Projects\Animations\2\Result\Mage_Atack_Staff_3_Adult_Male\Mage_Atack_Staff_3_Adult_Male.fbx'. Failed to create asset '/Game/Objects/Characters/Mage/Animations/Mage_Atack_Staff_3_Adult_Male'.
Please see Output Log for details.


Can anyone help me?

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  • By the way, .bvh looks much better.


  • Hi Vitalii,

    The output for our standard characters currently doesn't have mesh in the fbx. It seems that Blender and Unreal both have some issues related to importing skeleton-only fbx.


    For Blender, there's a related post here and you can find the fbx import settings for our standard characters:



    For Unreal, not sure if it is the exact issue that you've encountered, but we find that Unreal is not able to create skeletal asset without mesh. We suggest you upload a custom character to Animate3D and download the result to use in Unreal for the time being. We have filed a ticket to solve this issue.

    • Nicky-DeepMotion +1 for the same issue. Just bumped into the same problem. 

    • Chetan Gogoi 

      Hi Chetan, are you also trying to import downloaded Animate3D standard character into Blender and Unreal?

    • Nicky-DeepMotion I am trying to import the  downloaded Animate3D standard character into Unreal Engine 4.26.1 . I do not have Blender / Motion Builder  deployed locally at present to try the BVH path, unfortunately. 

      When trying to import into Unreal, the FBX does not seem to contain a Skeleton. Referencing the standard UE4 mannequin  result in the errors in the Output log that the OP mentioned right at the top
      PS : OP,  Sorry for the thread hijack !

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