Guidance on FBX -> Blender Settings

First off I am blown away by your tool.  Great work.  I am trying to bring the FBX Tpose into blender and I for the life of me can not figure out the proper import settings on the Blender side.  The BVH file imports correctly but I am not seeing a Tpose option.  Do you have any guidance on Blender FBX settings by chance?  Thanks!

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  • Hi Jesse,

    I assume that you are working with our standard characters. ( Default Character Type is selected) The output fbx package of this type does not have mesh included.

    This issue seems to be related to Blender's FBX import (possibly when mesh is not included), as other softwares like Unity and Maya can load the file without problem. We did some investigation and were able to load the file with the following settings in Blender 2.90:

    - Use Pre/Post Rotation off

    - Automatic Bone Orientation on

    Detailed settings attached as image below.

    You can also try processing a custom character through our service, as this will produce an fbx package with mesh. We haven't noticed any issue for Blender to load custom characters. It can also save you time to retarget your animation onto the target model.

    Please let us know how it goes.

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  • Hi Nicky,


    Thanks for the quick reply.  Those settings worked great.  Can't wait to try this out some more and get it going in my project.  Thanks again!!

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  • I did a test here and I was surprised. The place is dark and with little contrast, but the movements were captured with almost 100% perfection. Imported into Blender 2.9 with a Mixamo character

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