Multiple Joint Roots Found error message

I'm trying to upload a model from CC3. First I set the model into a T-pose, then export from CC3 as an FBX file. I open the FBX in 3DXchange and then re-export it as an FBX but without the animation. When I upload it to Deepmotion, I get an error message about the model having multiple joint roots.

Am I doing something wrong? I'm using the free service if that makes a difference. I tried to upload the model, but I get an error on every upload with a "code 0" response. 

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  • Any idea's on this? I'm at a loss and currently unable to make use of Deepmotion because I cant get an iClone7/CC# model to work with Deepmotion.

    • Jeff Davies Hi Jeff, this error means that you have multiple joint roots of the skeleton. This is currently not allowed in our pipeline.

      Please check your exported fbx to see if there are multiple root joints. Do you have eyelashes for the character? For cc3 characters, we found that usually it is caused by having accessories. Please temporarily remove them when upload to our service.

      If you still have problem, feel free to share your model with us and send to We will take a look.

  • Thanks for the rely. I'll remove all accessories and try again!

  • OK, I have resolved this issue on the DeepMotion side. I uploaded a fully clothed character with no accessories and was able to animate it. I ran into all sorts of trouble getting the animation back into 3DXchange and finally into iClone7 and saved the animation as a reuable .rlMotion file, but I did get it all working. I plan on making a quick YouTube video on this since I think this is a workflow that many folks that use iClone and DeepMotion would be interested in. Thanks for your help!

    • Jeff Davies Thank you for the update and appreciate your plan to make a YouTube video on the DeepMotion/iClone workflow. Not sure if you have watched it already, we did have a related iClone tutorial here :

      Welcome to create a more updated tutorial that worked for you. We are sure other iClone users will appreciate it.

      • Jeff Davies
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      • Jeff_Davies
      • 10 mths ago
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      GongfuTiger I did watch it, There is more detail to be added though. That video was my starting point.

    • Jeff Davies Great. Look forward to your tutorial !

  • Looks like I  may have spoken too soon. My root problem was because I exported from CC3, NOT iClone7. Once I took the time to fully watch your tutorial video, it worked like a charm!

    On the plus side, I now have step-by-step instructions for fixing the bone mappings (in 3DXchange) if you happened to export from CC3. :)

    • Jeff Davies Great ! Thank you for sharing.  Maybe you can make a CC3->3DXchange  tutorial instead :)

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