Separate joint vibration smoothing

I would like to choose which joints I want to smooth with, for example, checkboxes. Knees, Hips, Elbows, Shoulders.  The knees vibrate extremely, will you do something about it?

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  • Frantisek Harcar   Thank you for the feedback. Have you tried "motion smoothing" on the above video and found it insufficient to remove the vibrations in the knees ?

  • This is a walking video which is quite different from the previous stand in-place video. For the previous stand in-place video a "Motion Smoothing" of 0.1-0.5 should be able to remove the knee shakes without losing much motion details. For walking or other fast moving videos jitters are usually less than in-place standing motions.  Like the above one in the split screen video, the walking looks relatively smooth, and if you want it to be a bit smoother you can try 0.1 "motion smoothing", instead of the maximum smoothing of 1.0.  We don't recommend to use the maximum smoothing setting at 1.0 in general because it could lose motion details for fast motions.  In general it's a better idea to start with no smoothing, then 0.1 smoothing and slowly dial it up if extra smoothing is necessary.

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