Seeking Assistance with Animate 3D Service Issues

Hello Everyone,

I am currently working on a project involving dance motion with the use of the Animate 3D service, and so far I've found the product to be quite impressive. However, I've run into some issues and was hoping to find some assistance and advice here.

  1. When using videos of real dancers, the model generated raises its feet off the ground and lifts its knees without bending them during tiptoe movements. I've tried using the "foot locking" feature, which keeps the model's feet on the ground, but it still fails to accurately represent the tiptoeing motion in dance, and the knees don't exhibit a slight bounce. Is there any method or trick to adjust for this, to achieve more natural tiptoe movements and elastic knees?

  2. The hand tracking feature seems to generate quite inaccurate motions. This greatly affects the quality of our motion data, which is crucial to our project. Has anyone encountered this issue and if so, how have you improved the results of the hand tracking?

I appreciate any suggestions or help. Looking forward to hearing everyone's thoughts and experiences.

Best regards,


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  • Hello, same problems like 1. an 2. with my animations, further more i see no head rotation
    in my animations. I need a very good mocap for animations to produce cinematic scenes
    with digital actors, talking and gesturing, moving like in real live, but till now in my first test with deepmotion the videos i took with myself are really good, but the animation coming back is not usable in this quality ....

    I like deepmotion and hope problems can be solved ....

    Regards  Thomas

      • Aden Digi
      • Aden_Digi
      • 8 mths ago
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      Thomas Reisinger 

      I can relate to your concerns. I also reached out to DeepMotion's sales team for some questions and possible collaboration. It took a while before I got a response. After I posted a similar question on this forum, they finally responded to my email, but they did not fulfill their commitment to get back to me early the following week. It's been a whole week with no follow-up feedback. I am a bit worried about their service and efficiency too. Let's hope they will improve it.



    • Thomas Reisinger Can you please provide your video inputs to our alias - most often we find users are not following our recommended Capture Guidelines and we'd be happy to offer recommendations here.

    • Aden Digi Apologies for this delay, half our small team was not available due to back-to-back conferences last week. We should be able to address these items this week!

  • Hi Aden, Can you please provide your video inputs either here or to our alias so our team can help you troubleshoot further?

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