DAZ3d custom character upload error (joints with spaces)

Hi there,

I was very excited to see the video you recently uploaded about custom characters from DAZ3d, but when I follow along with the video instructions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZLaiHzi0f9o


I get the following error message in Animate3d. Is there a way to strip spaces from the joints in DAZ? I've renamed all of my joints manually in DAZ3d (quite a laborious process), but I still get the attached error message. Or is this a bug on the Animate3d side?

Thanks for your help!

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  • Hi Kevin Generic , thanks for letting us know this issue. Could you provide us the model you are using? You can send it to the support email support@deepmotion.com. We will take a look at the issue.


  • An update on this. It seems like the problem might be related to my character which is based on the Gen8.1 base. I did a quick test with a Gen 2 model like the one in your YouTube video and it seemed to work without the error message about spaces in the joint names. Would you like me to send my Gen 8 model, or is this a known issue with Animate3D and Daz Gen8.X models?

    • Kevin Generic Thanks for the clarification. Yes, we have some known issues with the Gen8 model and Gen3 model regarding either loading it into Animate 3D or applying the animation onto the original model in Daz3D studio. The workflow in the tutorial video is tricky but is the one we found that works after a lot of experiments. Could you still share the model with us if you are willing to? It will help us understand more about what's going on.

      If you have more feedback on the Daz3D workflow, please kindly let us know. We will be happy to improve on our service for the Daz3D community :) Thanks!

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