Animate 3D FAQ: Custom Characters, Face Tracking, Hand Tracking & More!

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What type of video file can I turn into an animation?

MP4, MOV, or AVI video formats are supported. Capture your own video content, or use pre-existing footage, the options are up to you!

What output animation formats can be generated from a single motion clip video?

The DeepMotion platform currently generates FBX, BVH, GLB, JPG, MP4, PNG, and GIF output file formats.

Are there any size or length limits for the input motion clips?

There are different video lengths and file sizes allowed per account plan. All limits can be found here:

What camera can I use to capture my own video?

You can use any camera, even your mobile device, to capture your video. 1080p is the minimum recommended size.

What environments can my video take place in?

Video content captured in any environment can be used. For best results use neutral lighting and high contrast between the subject and the background. 

How many people can be in the video?

We currently support 1 person tracking. Multi-person tracking is in development, to be released soon!

What is the best distance for the subject to be located?

An uninterrupted distance of 2-6 meters (6-20 feet).

What is the recommended video Frames Per Second for best results?

Higher FPS will result in higher fidelity animation results. 30 FPS or greater is recommended.

What type of clothing is recommended for the subject to wear?

All key joints, like the knees and elbows, are needed to be clear from obstruction in order for the AI to properly attribute the movements to the model. This means loose clothing, such as long skirts, will impact the results. We recommend t-shirts and shorts to show the key joints or tight clothing with patterns on it. 

Can the camera move during the shot?

For the best results, the camera should remain still for the entire duration of the movement.

What is the minimum resolution for the video to work?

We recommend using a minimum of 1080p for best results.

Can I capture facial movements?

Yes! We have launched our facial tracking, check out our Face Tracking FAQ for more info.

How much of the body needs to be in the shot?

For full-body tracking, an unobstructed view of the entire body, head to toe, is needed for the full duration of the motion clip. Half-body tracking from the waist up is supported. Face-only capture is supported for the best Face Tracking results. 

If I close the window or lose my internet connection when an animation is processing will it finish?

Once the process has started if the upload phase has been completed and animations are being created the job will still be completed even if you lose connection or exit. If the upload has not been completed at this time then the entire job is aborted. 

Will other people be able to see or use my uploads?

No, your uploads and animation assets are private to you and cannot be accessed by the community.

If I delete animation assets from my account can I get them back?

No, once deleted animation assets cannot be recovered. Always confirm you are deleting the correct set of animation assets when you delete them!

Will the animation work on different body types?

We have included a variety of body sizes for you to try out your animation on and preview the results.

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