Which versions of Unity and Unreal DeepMotion Avatar supports

Hello everyone. I'll start out with a quick introduction! My name is Felix Lam and this will be my first time on this forum. I'm a student at the University of Central Florida and I'm a Game Design major. So as I was thinking about using this for a summer game workshop, I wanted to know which versions DeepMotion Avatar supports.

I was searching over the overview document for Unity and Unreal and it lists the versions in which the SimRig Editor was used in:

Unity 2017.2.0f3

Unreal 4.17.1

I was wondering if only these versions and newer would be compatible or if I could use a version that's a little older like maybe Unity 5.6.2 and possibly a slightly older version of Unreal because that's the current setup in our labs.

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  • Nevermind folks. I found the answer in the document!

    For anyone that comes looking for this topic:
    "Currently Avatar Physics will work with Unity 5.x and later, with Unreal Engine 4 support in
    progress. Avatar Physics works on Windows 7 and later, and on Mac OSX Yosemite and later."

    • Felix Lam That section of the document is a bit old and needs to be updated. We can guarantee support for Unreal 4.17 and 4.18 and Unity 2017.2. It theoretically should work using Unity 5.6 but that isn't guaranteed. There may have been some API changes on Unity's side that would prevent it from working in 5.6 but I can't say either way.

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      Kyou Koo Thank you very much. I'll keep a lookout for any problems or bugs that'll show up there.

  • Seems to work in 4.19 if you change line 159 in DeepMotionAvatarKernelColliderFactory.cpp from 

    FPositionVertexBuffer &vertex_buffer = static_mesh_lod_res.PositionVertexBuffer;


    FPositionVertexBuffer &vertex_buffer = static_mesh_lod_res.VertexBuffers.PositionVertexBuffer;

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  • I can confirm this works for 4.19.2

    You have to make sure you put the plugin into a C++ project and then follow the steps on https://deepmotion.com/documentation/avatarEditor/site/Unreal-Integration-and-Deployment/unreal-overview/

    You get an error saying module can not be found if you try to use a blueprint project.

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    • Spencer Fansler Felix Lam
      ue 4.19.2
      //FPositionVertexBuffer &vertex_buffer = static_mesh_lod_res.PositionVertexBuffer;
      to this:
                  FPositionVertexBuffer &vertex_buffer = static_mesh_lod_res.VertexBuffers.PositionVertexBuffer;

      in file Plugins\DeepMotionAvatar\DeepMotionAvatar\Source\DeepMotionAvatarPlugin\Private\DeepMotionAvatarKernelColliderFactory.cpp
      line 158

    • Jack Hanley I was saying that it worked, so I'm not sure why you are telling me to do the exact same thing.

  • It looks like Avatar supports Unreal 4.18.1 now... I would like to use 4.19.2, or at least 4.18.3.  Is there any chance an update is just around the corner? 

  • Hope to update support  Unreal 4.19 or even 4.20  

  • Hello ,

    Does this software support Unreal 4.20 yet?   I can't get it to compile.  Thanks 

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