Feet stick to the ground weird while running.

Hey, so in my animations my character's feet stick to the ground weird while running. I have a brief moment in each step of running where I am off the ground completely and it is sucking the model down and slowing down my pace as well. Is there a quick fix for this or do I need to record running without my feet leaving the ground? Also will this screw up jumping animations too?
I am currently working on a game in UE4.

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  • can you share the input video ? If private, you can send it to support@deepmotion.com

  • Top is with my character model, bottom is the input video

    • Triaxial ThreeD  Thank you for sharing the test video.  Yes the foot locking looks too "sticky" in this case.  In general it's challenging to perform foot locking for high speed linear motion like running when the foot/ground clearance is small. We are adding a new output setting option to allow you to disable foot locking for such scenarios.  The following is a test result how it looks like when foot locking is disabled and only grounding is performed .  Does this work better for you ?

    • Yes that looks fantastic! I am definitely looking forward to that update 🙂

      any idea when that will be implemented?

    • Triaxial ThreeD  Great ! We are hard at work for this feature / control and a suite of other quality improvements for the upcoming release.  ETA is 1-3 weeks depending on if everything goes smooth.

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    • Triaxial ThreeD The customizable Foot Locking feature was released today in our v2.6.0 update !  You can select the "Grounding" Foot Locking mode as shown in the following screenshot to disable foot locking while still grounding the character's height to the ground plane now.  Welcome to give it a try and let us know how it works. 

  • Thank you! This is great timing for me in my project as well. Keep up the good work!

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