Update Log

Check-in here for future Animate 3D update release notes.


VERSION 2.6 - April 22, 2021

Portal Updates:

  • Foot Locking Settings: Users now have access to the 'Foot Locking' modes under the 'Animation Output' section of the 'Job Settings' - Check out what they do below:

Foot Locking Modes

  • Auto: Recommended in most cases. This is the default mode. This setting switches between locking the feet to the ground and gliding the feet across the ground.
  • Always: Recommended for when Auto mode has too much foot gliding. This setting forces the feet to lock to the ground at all times.
  • Never: Recommended for aerial or water motions. This setting detaches the character completely from the ground.
  • Grounding: Recommended for when Auto mode locks the feet to the ground for too long and prevents desired foot gliding (i.e. shuffle dances, sprints, jumps). This setting disables feet locking to the ground but still keeps the character on the ground plane.


  • Multi-level Ground Support: Available with Foot Locking modes Auto, Always and Grounding. Allows characters to jump, climb and interact with different ground levels.


VERSION 2.5 - March 30, 2021

Portal Updates:

  • Custom 3D Avatars: We have worked with our partners at Wolf3D to add a new Custom Character function, integrating the Ready Player Me avatar generator directly into the service. Check it out under the new ‘3D Models’ section in your side navigation. Check out our announcement and full walkthrough.
  • New Subscription Plans: You asked and we listened - we have added 2 new subscription plans for Animate 3D. The Starter plan is available at $9/month for 180 seconds of animation and the Studio plan is available at $180/mo for 7,200 animation seconds. Whatever your volume, we’ve got you covered - Check out all the plans here!

Animation Quality Updates:

  • Improved Side View: Improved side view tilting when input video is captured from the side view of the subject. Reduced foot gliding and arm glitches in depth direction when input video is captured from the side view of the subject.
  • Improved Foot Locking: Further improvements have been made to stamp out floating feet - we’ve improved foot locking when both feet are on the ground.
  • Grounding Hand Support: Motions that require the hands to make contact with the ground now better support the weight of the body, where previously they would sometimes float above the ground plane.

Pipeline Updates:

  • Additional Custom Character Support (Daz3D): We now support more custom characters! With added support for intermediate joints between knees and hips for uploaded models, we can now support Daz3D characters. Keep an eye out for the Daz3D tutorial in the coming weeks!
  • Character Mesh Export (Unreal Engine Support!): Our default character export now includes the character mesh. This means that our animations can now be easily imported into Unreal Engine. Keep an eye out for the UE4 tutorial coming soon!

Contest Announcement

Don't miss out on the Animate 3D Contest Spring '21 running from March 25 - April 30. Win thousands in cash and prizes just by creating an animation! Check out all the details: Animate 3D Spring Contest


VERSION 2.4 - February 11, 2021

Animation Quality Updates:

  • Ground Motion Tracking: Better near ground motion tracking (i.e. breakdance, rolling, cartwheels). The character’s root motion is more stable and the grounding of the character is more solid with heavy rotational motions.
  • Extreme Clothing Color Tracking: Tracking quality improvements for subjects wearing clothes of extreme colors like all black or all white.
  • Body Part Detection: Improved body part detection algorithm to reduce hands and feet glitches.
  • Heel to Ground Lock: Heels now are more inclined to lock to the ground and reduce the “tip-toe” tendency of ground to foot contacts.
  • Foot Locking: More accurate foot locking
  • Leg Switching: Reduced errors when legs switch with each other.
  • Hand Gesture during Ground Contacts: Improved hand animations when the hands touch the ground or support the body weight.
  • Physics Filter: Fine-tuned collision detection with the ‘Physics Filter’ setting for smoother motion and to reduce the amount of mesh clipping.
  • Shake Reduction: Reduced the shake in root motion for high FPS input videos.

Portal Updates:

  • New Animate 3D Home Page: All of your important information is now easily accessible on the new home page.
  • New Profile Page: You can now more easily access your account information and change your subscription from the new Profile Page.
  • Animation Minutes Meter: Both your used animation minutes the minutes you have left on your account for the month are prominently displayed on the new home page. Custom Character Deletion: You now have the ability to delete past custom characters you’ve uploaded so you can add new ones.

Pipeline Updates:

  • Daz3D Character Support: Use your Daz3D character with our ‘Custom Character’ upload feature and import it easily back to Daz3D. Tutorial coming soon!
  • iClone Character Support: iClone characters with or without accessories are now supported. Use your iClone characters and upload them with the ‘Custom Character’ feature to easily retarget your animation to your character and import easily back to iClone. Check out our tutorial!


VERSION 2.2.1 - December 22, 2020

  • Improved Physics Filter: We have updated our 'Physics Filter' setting which helps remove mesh surfaces intersecting with one another. For default or custom models that have previously seen an issue with this mesh breaking surfaces with various parts of the body, try using 'Physics Filter' under the 'Animation Output' setting.
  • Procedural Hand Animation Update: Fixed a thumb procedural animation bug, providing a more natural thumb gesture.
  • Sound Previewer: Fixed a bug that prevented the sound from playing in the animation previewer.  
  • Default Character Improvements: Fixed some hands modeling artifacts in default characters and added all finger joints to default characters for easier hand motion retargeting in Unity-3D
  • Blank Previewer Bug: Fixed a “blank page” bug in the Animate 3D  browser previewer for some OS and hardware combinations.
  • Terms of Use Updates: We provided more clarity on rights and licenses for user-uploaded content and site generated products https://www.deepmotion.com/terms-of-use


VERSION 2.2 - December 18, 2020

  • Faster Global Load Times: Our global community should now experience exponentially faster load times when processing their animations.
  • Procedural Hand Animation: New features have been included in introducing procedural hand animations. This addresses the previous state of hands being stuck in a default flat hand position, leading to more natural all-around animations.
  • Higher Precision Video Preprocessing: We upgraded the quality level of the video pre-processing pipeline to deliver smoother and more detailed mocap results.
  • MP4 Output Quality Improvement: We have continued work on our new MP4 output, further improving their quality for a more shareable experience.
  • Animate 3D Subscriptions: In case you missed it, we have launched our subscription plans for Animate 3D - check them out here!


VERSION 2.1 - November 24, 2020

Check out all the updates for Animate 3D's Version 2.1, released on November 24:

  • Anti-Foot Gliding Improvements: We have continued to work on minimizing the amount of foot gliding, which results in more stable animation. This addresses not only gliding but ground penetration, more accurate ground collision and more!
  • Foot Shuffling: We've made a major improvement for recognizing animation that is intended to have foot shuffling, like a moonwalk or jumping jacks. The body will more accurately stay in place while allowing for the feet to glide on the ground.
  • Better Root Motion:  Smoothing of the character root motion reduces the occasional vibrations seen with high amounts of foot movement. Stability is also increased, resulting in higher animation accuracy.
  • Depth Axis Motion: The animation that faced forward toward the camera previously saw better quality than the animation output seen from panning around to view the side of the character. We have addressed this and have improved the animation quality from all perspectives.
  • New .MP4 Output Features: We have added several new Video Output features for the .MP4 format that enables a more polished presentation of your animations. In addition to the side-by-side view with input video, we now have a Studio background and a Solid color background both able to be edited with a custom color picker.


VERSION 2.0 - October 20, 2020

The Animate 3D version 2.0 is here! This major update brings you the highly requested Custom Character feature, continued quality improvements and more! See what’s new below:

  • Custom 3D Characters: Upon creating a new animation, you will now be presented with the option to upload your own custom 3D characters. Your animation will be visible in the previewer and available for download with the animation retargeted to your custom character. 
  • Jumping Optimization: We have worked on improving how our AI interprets jumping motions and refining the detection of more subtle jumping motions. 
  • Large Movement Detection: The improved detection of large joint movements, such as high kicks and wide arm motions, will help with generating quality motions for more complex animations.
  • Product Portal Updates: 
    • Sidebar Navigation: Navigate between your personal product dashboard, animations, library and other features easily. 
    • Product Feedback Form: A new dedicated form located in your sidebar navigation will allow you to provide us direct feedback. Your feedback helps us design this platform with you in mind, so feel free to reach out on things large or small!
    • General UI Improvements & Bug Fixes: You’ll see other general UI updates aimed at improving your experience with Animate 3D. 


VERSION 1.6 - August 26, 2020

 Today we released Animate 3D Version 1.6.0 - a major update that includes quality improvements and more.  See what’s new below:

  • Anti-Foot Gliding Improvements: we have spent a lot of time re-evaluating the way we process input motion and have vastly improved foot gliding in the output animation, which was the most requested feature. The result is a more stable and solid footing throughout.

  • Leg/Lower-Body Improvements: new rotation fixes will assist leg and hip motion in many cases. This will also help make heavy leg movements appear more fluid and natural in the result.

  • Better Root Stabilization: new and improved root motion stability will provide more weighted, natural-looking movements for your animations.

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