BVH views not matching with green rig in Rotoscope editor

I really want to subscribe and use this program for my animations, but difficulties with the generated BVH file are preventing me from doing so. The above 3 pictures are from 3 different viewers halted at the same frame in the animation.

First I compared the generated green rig (left) with what I saw in an online bvh viewer (center), and the results never matched in any animation I've uploaded. In this example, the "l_upleg_JNT" is in front of the hip in the green rig but is behind the hip in the bvh viewer, and the "l_shoulder_JNT" is rotated slightly forward in the green rig but is rotated heavily backward in the bvh viewer.

I thought the bvh viewer was at fault, so I coded my own bvh parser/renderer [right pic] , and the result is different yet again. The "r_upleg_JNT" is very much behind the hip, the "l_upleg_JNT" is very in front of the hip, and the "l_forearm_JNT" and "r_forearm_JNT" are both rotated 90 degrees.  I've spent over a day debugging my parser, and I can't find anything wrong with it.  I've tried every possible order of rotation, so that can't be the problem, especially when the legs are bending and animating the same in all 3 cases.

It just makes me really question your BVH exporter, as your Rotoscope editor clearly is using different data than what's in the BVH file.

If this can be resolved so that my bvh renderer actually matches what your green rig shows, I would leap at the opportunity to generate a large number of animations over a long period of time for my video game, but I'm not willing to subscribe with this number of kinks in the BVH exporter.

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