Facial gestures don't work when importing Unity model

Hi, sorry, when I import the model into Unity and follow your tutorial called "DeepMotion: Unity 3D Tutorial - Retargeting Animations", the body expressions work fine on the character, but the facial expressions don't work, the lips and eyes do not move, why?

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  • Jorge Pucha Can you please share with us the file you're trying to import into Unity?

  • As I mentioned when importing in Unity only the body animations are shown but not the facial ones, what remains to be done can you help me please

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    • Weihua
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    Jorge Pucha After you imported the model (Animate3D result) did you see the facial animation in the animation preview view? Are you trying to retarget the animation from the Animate3D result to your own model? If so does your own model have blendshapes for facial animation?

    • Weihua If I am trying to redirect the 3D result animation to my own model, but it has no blendshapes, can you tell me how to add blendshapes to my model for facial animation?

    • Jorge Pucha The following tutorial


      shows how a user downloaded the Ready Player Me model generated on our website as .FBX that includes the ARKit blendshapes for facial animation, and then imported into Blender for post processing. You can take a look at the blendshapes in the RPM model and see if you can recreate them for your own models.

      Here is a blog with more detailed specification of the ARKit blendshapes required by our face tracking.

    • Jorge Pucha Yaoling on Youtube created a tutorial to demonstrate how to use DeepMotion Animate 3D, Blender and Unity to create MMD body and facial animation from videos. In the tutorial a Python script was provided to map the ARKit blendshapes used in DeepMotion outputted FBX to the MMD blendshapes. Also it walked through the process to render the MMD animation including facial animation in Unity. He created a separate track to load only the blendshape weights into Unity in order to render facial animation on top of the body animation #DeepMotion #Blender #Unity #MMD #Animation

      MMD Tutorial

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