Does Deep Motion support finger tracking?

Does Deep Motion do hand position tracking as well? I have uploaded a single quick video (with poor lighting) and the hand pose was not the same as the video. Just wondering if this was expected.

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  • Hi  Alan Kent ,

    Currently we don't support hand/finger tracking. 

    Just to be sure this is an expected case - do you mind sharing your results?  We'd expect the wrist position to be tracked, and the hand to remain fixed with respect to it. 

  • You are welcome to look at the single clip and model I have uploaded in my account. The hands when I loaded the FBX animation clip into Unity had a single pointing finger. It is fine - i can override the finger positions in Unity. Just learning what each tool can and cannot do. 

    • Alan Kent this looks as what we can expect.

       After seeing the BVH result you got - I think this is all expected at the time being - the wrists follow what happens on the video.  

      The fingers might behave/look differently depending on the custom model setup & skinning, but are not meant to follow the video as of now. 

  • Hi Alan Kent , we would like to confirm with you that you are retargeting our default character (the download file does not have mesh) onto your custom character in Unity.

    If this is the case, the issue here is caused by we only proving the animation for the thumb and middle fingers. As a result, while the other fingers stays at their original pose, the middle finger and thumb load our animation. You can fix this by modifying the Avatar Definition of the animation (our default character) :

    1. Open its Avatar Definition;

    2. Un-map the middle finger joints and the thumb joints on the hand.

    As we don't have finger tracking at the moment, our intention for having some fingers was to provide a way to show the hand directions. We apologize for the inconvenience and will work on fixing this very soon.

  • No problem - I was just asking if you had finger tracking as I could not find documentation saying one way or the other. I can layer hand poses over the top in Unity. Some research projects support some form of finger tracking (from what I can see on twitter), but no idea how reliable they are yet. (It feels like things are improving rapidly in the field - every time I turn around things have improved again. But frequently when I try things they are not quite as reliable as hoped.)

    Yes, I am retargeting the animation clip on to my own character in Unity. I uploaded the same character into Deep Motion (that is the silhouette you see). I have multiple layers of clips already to superimpose facial expressions etc. I have layers for the base body movement, head turns, facial expressions, and the two hands for hand poses.

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