iClone 7 and 3D Exchange

I downloaded my fbx files (t-pose and animation) to my computer and tried to import it into iClone 7 using iClone 3D Exchange and it doesn't work. In Exchange I can see the bones and the animation plays but when I go to convert it to non-standard I can't, the only option is to cancel (See 3D Exchange 1). I can change the Presets but that has no effect, all buttons are greyed out. I downloaded fbx files from Mixamo and they work just fine (see 3D Exchange 2). The convert button is now available.

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  • Did you use our default character (e.g. the female-normal robot) to generate the FBX ? If that's the case, you can try to import a Mixamo .FBX as the "Custom Character" into our cloud,  convert the video to that custom character and download the result .FBX.  In this case the downloaded .FBX should be the same as the original Mixamo .FBX plus the new animation added to it.  Then you can probably import it to 3D Exchange just fine since you did that with the Mixamo rig successfully before.

  • Hi,

    I imported a Mixamo .FBX as the "Custom Character" into your cloud,  converted the video to that custom character and download the result. It worked. Thanks.

  • *Id tried this to but my result were very jagged and buggy. Parehaps a bad video. I will try once more. Thanks for the tip,

    • Bjarki Kjellsson Was your result jagged in the cloud previewer or only in the final result imported to iClone ? If it is jagged in the cloud previewer it is probably video problem. Try to capture a video following the guidelines in the upload page and probably encode it to FHD at 30FPS or 60FPS to see if it helps.

  • Thanks for this topic, I wentto mixamo and uploaded custom character from there. That worked great in iclone xchange and I was able to import the animation into iclone7 onto my character. However the hands animations was off. All the fingers were disjointed.   But it's just with the mixamo character not the default one.

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