3ds Max Biped Hip and TwistBones

Hey there, I am testing with a default 3ds Max biped rig.

  • I removed all spaces from the default biped names -> no issue
  • I put biped into t-pose -> fine, no issues
  • I have biped twist bones -> e.g. the upArm twistbones are parented to the clavicle. so they are parallely in the hierarchy to the upArm itself. of course they are not animated properly then and the character is torn apart. is there a way to let them move via a parent constraint along with the corresponding bone? 
  • Biped Hip Issue:
    • I think your solution is confused by the weird biped hierarchy:
    • the "Biped" bone is the actual hip (marked red)
    • then there is a "pelvis" object (marked orange), which is not really animated in 3ds max
    • and then there is the first "spine" object (marked green) where the next spine and the legs are linked to. 
    • Am I assuming correctly that your solution is considering this the hip bone, since it has the most children?
    • Is there a way to direct the motion onto the actual biped root object (marked in red) without changing the 3ds max biped hierarchy? (since its not possible)
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  • Hi Phillipp,

    Thanks for reporting this to us. Do you mind providing us with this model that you used? We will investigate how to fix it in our pipeline.

    You can send your model through email to support@deepmotion.com


    DeepMotion Support Team

    • Nicky-DeepMotion Sure, thanks so much, that you are looking into this.

  • I encountered this exact problem on my first use of what is otherwise a superb product.

    It is obviously the twist links that are causing it, so I really hope you can fix this implementation, as many people will be wanting to use similarly rigged characters.

    FYI the models I am using are commercially available rigged ones from RenderPeople.

    Unfortunately for my current job, this looked like a game-changer (which it is in many ways) but sadly cannot be used for anything other than pose matching the default mannequin.

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  • I agree. I was very hopeful at first but the fbx twisting may make me not buy a plan. 

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