Animate 3D doesn't go past "Starting job, please wait"

It's been a day and a half with the screen only showing "Starting job, please wait..." after I hit create on Animate 3D. Why is it taking so long? Is it really loading or is it a bug? I have freemium account and the video has 20s.

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  • Eduardo M. A. R. Animation jobs typically finish within a couple of minutes depending on the length, size, and features you have selected. We have checked your recent jobs and have confirmed they were completed in this timeframe. If you experience this moving forward, please clear your browser cache and then log back in to see if the animation job is in your library. Please let us know if you continue to experience any issues!

    • DeepMotion_Admin 

      I had to trim the video below 20s in order for it to actually progress. I had to cut it into several smaller videos, which in turn consumes more credits overall to animate. If it were still on 20s, it would be still stuck. I let it working over a night and retried twice letting it go over the morning and from lunch time to about 3PM. It never passed over “Starting job, please wait”. I had to cut the video referenced.

    • Eduardo M. A. R. Our Freemium plans offer 20s video uploads. Splitting your video up into segments should not cost more credits. If you want to upload longer videos, you can check out our plans here:


      Waiting overnight or for longer periods of time will not help the situation you're describing as the animations are completed within a few minutes. Are you able to please provide the video you were experiencing this issue with so our team can troubleshoot it for you?

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