My own character with your starter package motion capture with deep motion

My own character with my motion capture with deep motion Hi, please why does the animation come with your own character, I needed just the FBX file without your Character's rig.  How do I stop this from happening? I just need a simple workflow 

Also the overbearing rig around the main rig. Please let me know if I downloaded it the wrong way to come across all these issues.

Finally; when the transfer of the motion is done, I get twisted hands. Please what is the way forward? I am sure to follow all the steps in the data transfer from deep motion to Maya

Even when I downloaded your own Starter Package and transferred the motion to my own character, I still got twisted hands.


Please respond quickly before I decide to purchase or not


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  • You can directly import your custom character into Animate 3D and download animation on your own character as long as you follow the custom character guideline here.

    Alternatively you can download animations on our default characters as what you did already and retarget the animations to your own character in Maya following our Maya retargeting tutorial here.



    If you still have questions after trying the above methods please send your custom model to and the description of your problems and we will help you from there.


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    • GongfuTiger Please how do i ensure the protection of my custom character? I have a character designed for a specific use. How do you guarantee that it will not be used by Animate 3D. Do I have that assurance?

      Also for the tutorial, I followed it meticulously but didn't get the desired result

    • Orji Augustine Nkemjika Please review our terms of use, especially the "User Uploaded Content" section for details.  In general, "You retrain full ownership to your uploaded Content. We do not claim any ownership to any of it. These Terms do not grant us any rights to your uploaded Content or intellectual property, except for the limited rights that are explained in these Terms of Use.

      About the problem you encountered with the tutorial video, please provide more details on exactly that is the problem you encounter so that we can investigate. If you would like to communicate with our support team directly feel free to send your issue descriptions to

    • GongfuTiger Okay, thank you so much for the prompt response. I will review your terms and make a decision with my team. Hoping to work with you.


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