The FBX only has joint data

Do you know why the animation data has no meshes(only has skeleton joint data)? The Download Animations page actually has the "Models" option, but the exportation data only has joint information.  Thanks!

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  • Did you select "Default" character or"Custom" character ? Assuming you selected "Custom" character have you uploaded a FBX with meshes in it.  If an imported custom character FBX has meshes then the output FBX should include meshes too.

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  • I chosen "Default" 

  • We didn't include the mesh of our default characters (i.e. white robots) in the output FBX because typically customers will not use our default characters as they are in their project and they almost always want to do a re-targeting to their own characters. Therefore skeleton only animation in the output .FBX for default characters should suffice.  

    You can manually re-target the FBX result from default characters. The following are retargeting tutorials for Unity 3D and Maya:

    You can also import your custom character models as .FBX into A3D cloud so that the service will retarget the result animation to your custom characters directly and meshes will be included if they are present in the imported .FBX. 

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       GongfuTiger Great! Thank you!

  • hi i am new.  I have been using cinema 4d and my question will deep motion work with this.  I am confused with the whole mesh thing.  If i have downloaded a 3d character i like how do i create a mesh for it so i can upload it to the site?  Or can i take the skeleton animation and add that to the 3d character?  Any help appreciated.



    • steven pavitt Cinema 4D takes .fbx imports. We recommend uploading your custom 3D character directly to our service, which should already have a mesh attached to it, and then your source video will automatically retarget the animation onto your character. Your resulting .fbx file should then import into Cinema 4D with your character and animation attached to it. Please let us know if you need further direction on this!

    • DeepMotion  Hi thanks for the reply.  I figured out my problem.  I used mixamo to download the t pose animation which would not work here.  I tried another animation-walking  from mixamo and works no problem and is able to upload the character.  Not sure why this was but i got it working thanks.

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    • steven pavitt Glad that it works, thanks for sharing the result !

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