Very fast Shuffle Dance / Skipped animation

I have a fast animation i tried to animate, but some pieces of the footwork are skipped, it it a good idea to slow down the original video and then speed up the fbx again to have all movement or is there another solution? the result now is already amazing

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  • i found i can speed up animation fbx so i will try to import a slowdown movie

    • Peter Van Engelandt Just to clarify the "speed multiplier" option in "Animation Settings" in our web service is not for speeding up the output FBX. It is a hint to the AI how many times it should internally speed up the input slow motion video to catch up the real-time velocity of the movement in the video. Accurate setting of "Speed Multiplier" will help the AI to produce more accurate results for slow-motion video and it will not impact the speed of the result animations though. 

      If your captured video has enough FPS and resolution, slowing it down and reencode it into slow motion might help to capture more details in the input motion. However please make sure to dial up the "speed multiplier" level to match how many times you have slowed the video down (if you slowed it to 1/2 of the real-time speed, you need dial in 2x in "Speed Multiplier". 

      However, the best way to leverage slow motion is to record the original video at high FPS such as 60FPS-240FPS.  If your raw video is captured at 30FPS, manually interpolating it into 60FPS will not help much.

      Good luck 

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