Error: Model Joint Names Are Not Unique

The Daz3d Genesis 2 Characters seem to upload without issue but.

When trying to upload the Genesis 8 characters I get the error:

               -Model Joint Names Are Not Unique

After going down the list of Nodes on the Genesis 8 character I tried to upload I am not seeing any duplications.

Am I reading this error message incorrectly?

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  • Hi David,

    Could you share with us the model that you are trying to upload? We can take a look at what's the issue.

  • It is the Daz3d Genesis 8 Basic Female, as all the version 8 female characters are based upon it I figured on testing your app out on her and then see how the Male version 8 works out as well. I hope that made sense.

  • Okay I think I've sorted the issue out.

    The other Daz Genesis 8 content must be link in such a way that duplicates are being identified by your uploader.

    I got around this by downloading the Genesis 8 starter content only and installed it in a separate runtime library of its own.

    Its clunky but it works now.

    • David Mouser thanks for your investigation. If you are still willing to share your model with us so that we can solve this issue, please feel free to send the model to

    • David Mouser May I ask what is causing the duplicate names in Daz3d? If you can share the steps, we can try to reproduce it on our side too.

  • The model is part of the GENESIS 8 STARTER ESENTIALS which consists of some 8 downloads totaling around 1049.3 mb. This includes both Genesis 8 Male and female basic models and lord knows what other supporting content, so I'm not sure I can.

    To get around the upload issue I installed a fresh separate copy of the starter essentials in a separate Daz Studio runtime as there literally gigabytes of other Genesis 8 content (Characters, Clothes, Hair & props etc) that connect lord knows how as they are all based upon the Starter essentials.

    I think the issue will be the other (lots) Genesis 8 characters & content I have installed as they are all based upon the Base characters content. With all those gigabytes of content there is bound to be some duplicates somewhere.

    The only thing I can think that may help is if I attach the Separate (FBX copys) clean install that did upload & the one that failed to upload for comparison, would that help?

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  • Here are the two version of the FBX files of Genesis 8 Basic Female:

    G8F.fbx    (upload succeeded, fresh separate install)

    G8F_FAIL.fbx (upload failed, installed in main runtime)

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    • David Mouser Thank you! We will do some investigation.

  • You are right. We found that the Genesis8FemaleEyelashes has a rig that duplicates part of the base Genesis8 rig. May I ask if this is very common in Daz3D packages?

  • Interesting I had not thought of the Eyelashes though I must admit both it and the Hip nodes are immediately under the main Genesis 8 Female Node level.

    Q: Looking at the version that did upload to your service, the Eyelashes node seems to include duplicate names but still works?

    Hip/Pelvis/Abdomen Lower etc etc

    Are these the sort of duplication you are referring to as that version did work with your service?

  • Hi David,

    If you open the fbx file you provided in another 3D software, e.g. Maya, Blender, you can see that there are duplicated joints in the hierarchy.

    The one that FAILED have duplicated joints from Hips. There is a Genesis8Female/hip joint, and there is a Genesis8Female/Genesis8FemaleEyelashes/hip joint. This is the duplication that I am referring to. If you take a look at the SUCCEEDED one, it does not have such duplicates.

    Please find in the attachment the image showing both rigs loaded in Maya.

  • What worked for me is deleting the eyelashes in the Scene Tab in DAZStudio before exporting the model as FBX to upload in DeepMotion.

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