Seconds consumed before the download?

Hello, I hope you're doing well.

I just tried a first video with DeepMotion on a Free licence, but I'm not super happy with the result, I imported  a Fuse/Mixamo character and in the final animation, he's shaking and weirdly leaning back. I think it has to do with my video lighting and distance from the camera that I did wrong.

I would like to redo it, but my seconds are already consumed. Can we keep our seconds until the animation preview, and consume them only when we click on "download anim", which means we are satisfied by the results? In these kind of things, I always work on a "trial and error" base :/
Was just an improvement suggestion. The tech itself is already amazing ^^

Thanks a lot for your help !

Best regards

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  • Hi Aubert, 

    Sorry that you're having some issues with your results! To help new users out, we have made a Free Animate 3D Starter Package that you can download here:

    It has demo pre-generated animations and some free reference motion videos that we chose because they work well with the service. 

    We definitely understand that you might need some extra time to get used to the service so are happy to credit your account your 1 minute back - you should see it on your account now. Please let us know should you require further support and we're happy to work with you on your exploration of the service!


    DeepMotion Support

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  • Oh, I thank you a lot for your great help ! You gave me extra time without I even ask for it, I really really appreciate !

    And thanks also for the examples documentation, I didn't noticed it before. I'll study these closer and make new tests ^^

    Thanks again for your great help !

  • I would like to add my vote to the suggestion that the paid up seconds should be counted only for the animations that are *downloaded*. I am am sure a lot of us would like to go through a 'trial and error' phase before we get to animations that are usable.

    I would like to subscribe to a 1500 seconds monthly package, but I am sure a lot of those would get used up with trial videos without actually getting 1500 usable animation seconds. 

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