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I downloaded the FBX files and dragged them into the Project pane of a new Unity project and set the Rig type to Humanoid and hit Apply.  Then I dropped in a free model (from Kevin Iglesias on the Oculus App Store) called FemaleDummy onto the blank scene. I created an Animation Controller in the Project pane, added an Empty state and dragged the motion from the FBX folder onto the Motion field of Empty state.

Unfortunately, there is no motion when I hit play. I can see the blue bar in the Empty state move like there's something going on. And when I pull up the inspector and hit play, I can see the preview model move.

But, why doesn't the model move in my scene?

Also, what is the "(indulge TPose)" animation in the FBX file? No explanation here. No readme. Just an extra directory with similar files in it. That's confusing. 

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  • Hi Bryan,

    After you created the animation controller, have you dragged it on to your target character in the scene?  In Unity, you can check it by:

    1. Click on the character GameObject.

    2. Under inspector, you should see an Animator component. If not, create one for the GameObject.

    3. Drag the Animation Controller you created under `Controller` .

    Please let us know if it still doesn't work.


    For the file with '(includeTpose)' suffix, it will include a T pose at the first frame of the animation. This is to help you retarget your animation onto another character in some cases. For example, in Unity, it is required that your character need to be posed in a T pose in the avatar configuration for its avatar retargeting algorithm to work. Having the T pose as the first frame, Unity will know the correct T pose right away, and you don't need to pose the model by yourself or having Unity enforce a T pose by running an automatic algorithm, which can potentially create wrong result.

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  • Thanks Nicky He .  Yes. The Animated Controller is under Controller. But, I noticed an error. When I click on the Animation tab and select the button that says something like "Show Read-Only" items, all of the items say "(Missing)". For example: "hints_JNT : Position (Missing)"  When I hover over an item, it says "The GameObject or Component is missing". 

    I also notice that the model has items names B-hips, B-spine, B-thigh_L, etc..  So, it appears that the FBX file has different names and they aren't connected.

    Also, do you know if there is a sample model that is already rigged for these animations? It sure would be nice to get the same one used by deep motion to test with.

    • Hi Bryan Aamot , have you set up the Rig Type to Humanoid for both the character you downloaded from our service, and the character you are retargeting the animation to? Different joint names will work as long as both characters' avatar definitions are correctly set up.

      - Go to Import Settings of the models, under the Rig tab.

      - Make sure both characters' Animation Type  are Humanoid.

      - Make sure both characters have their joints mapped correctly in the rig configuration. (You should be able to find the Configure button below Avatar Definition) After you pressed the configuration button, you will be directed to the configuration view. In the Inspector you will find a Mapping tab, and the visualization for each joint should be green for retargeting to work properly. Check this link for more details:


      About custom characters for testing, you can download some Mixamo characters, and most of them works well with our services.  Link is provided below, and you will need an Adobe account to download characters for free.

      You can also try directly uploading a custom character through our portal, which will automatically retarget the animation onto your character.

    • Nicky He I think the problem was the model. It had an import error related to rigging. So, I tried a different Asset called "Humanoid Avatar Rig free" from the Unity Store which already had a few working animations. Then I imported the Deep Motion animation and set the model type to Humanoid and hit Apply. Lastly, I opened the DemoAnimation and added a new state and dragged the Deep Motion motion into the inspection pane. It works like a charm. Next, I need to see if I can tweak the animation so it's just right.

      Thank you for the help. It's so rare these days to get a response from a software vendor.

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