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Hi. My partner and I recently secured funding for a mocap suit but I want to explore Deepmind first.  The only thing holding up production is the motion capture. Normally I would jump at the shot of a mocap suit but I think those funds could better work for Deepmind. We will get a single month of the 25 minute pack to see if it’s right for us.

Hopefully by the end of the month we will sign up for the full Studio year package and Finish all four of our films.

We will find out soon!


ps.  I’m using a bright red patterned shirt ,  equally patterned black shorts to above the knee, white ankle socks and a grey hat. I’m using a 20ft green screen lit so there is no shadows on the wall behind me. Does that sound like it’s a solid outfit to optimize the motion extraction ? Would wearing my Apple Watch and a hat help improve accuracy? 




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  • Hi Alan,

    Thank you for sharing with us about your project ! We look forward to your creations with DeepMotion (BTW, a correction that we are DeepMotion, not DeepMind). Here is a general video capture guideline for the service:

    Your setup sounds great except the hat part. We recommend that you shoot it without a hat to avoid occlusion of the face. It's aways a good idea to do a few test shots before the production to check out how different outfits and parameters work. We'd be happy to provide feedback to your test results if you'd like to share. Feel free to share your questions with the input videos here (if they are public) or send them to to receive support directly from our technical team.



    DeepMotion Team

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  • Lol sorry it’s really late over here. And a bald head it is! So the watch is ok and will help provide a track point?  Also, would adding blue painters tape to the ends of my fingers help?

    • Alan Scott The watch and blue painter tape shouldn't be necessary. Natural skin color of hands and wrists under good lighting with a clean background are a lot more important than the wearings.  In general the less wearing the better.

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