Looking for Custom 3D Models?

Looking to try the new Custom Character feature, but don’t have custom 3D characters to upload? We are partnering with a variety of 3D model platforms to seamlessly bring you more options. As we explore a more direct integration for easier access within Animate 3D, check out these links below to get started:




If you have any questions or are looking for recommendations as to what characters work, what to look out for, just post here and we can help you!

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  • Hi! First, animations works gorgeous, thank you! Now I'd like to know how I can upload custom T pose model from my PC or Sketchfab. Thanks!

    • Adel Kh Thank you for testing Animate 3D.  You can first download the .FBX file of your 3D model from Sketchfab or other sources and then follow the following steps to upload it and use it to create animations:

      1. Login to portal.deepmotion.com
      2. Choose Animate 3D Cloud
      3. Select the "Custom" Character Type
      4. Select the tab said "New Character"
      5. Read the custom model guidelines and make sure your .FBX is conforming with the requirements. Most importantly it need to be rigged with skinning information and the default pose  of the .FBX should be a "T" pose.  If the default pose is not a T pose you can fix it to T pose in Maya or Max (both arms lifted in horizontal position and legs are straight down). 
      6. Drag and drop your FBX to the "Select File" button
      7. Press "Upload" button to confirm uploading
      8. Upload your video file and proceed as usual.
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