Can't upload a 26 seconds video with a free account with 30 seconds remaining

Hello, I have a free account with 30 seconds left at the moment. I am trying to upload a 26 seconds long video but a pop-up appears telling me that I only have 10 seconds available with my current plan and asks me to upgrade the account. I checked on the website and the free account still gives 30 seconds each month and I still have all of them.

Is this a bug or a new feature I missed? Thank you in advance

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  • Hi SioraFede ,

    The Freemium accounts do indeed provide 30 seconds of free animation time per month, however there is also a maximum video length of 10 seconds.  In other words each video that you upload has a max duration of 10 seconds allowed under the Freemium plan (higher for paid plans). 

    So you could, for instance, create three 10-second long animations each month under a Freemium plan.  Or you could create six 5-second long animations each month and so on.  

    Hope this helps...

  • Well damn I completely missed that information! Thank you for the clarification

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