FREE Animate 3D Starter Package

Download the Animate 3D Starter Package Here

DeepMotion has partnered with the team at Endless Reference to offer an Animate 3D Starter Package to our entire community, for free!  Endless Reference offers high quality motion reference videos spanning from Mixed Martial Arts to general motions like walking and running and much more. Pairing Endless Reference videos with Animate 3D means you can generate quick quality 3D animations without the need for suits or hardware.

The Animate 3D Starter Package is full of already-created animations for you to try out in your animation software in addition to reference videos you can use with your Animate 3D Freemium account which provides 60 seconds of free animation that recurs monthly.

Check out what’s in the package:

  • X10 Endless Reference MP4 motion videos
  • X10 Animate 3D FBX & GLB animation files
  • X10 Animation preview videos

Now you can have access to Animate 3D animations without having to use up your free animation time, as well as the source videos so you can run them back through the service to test what the various settings can do!

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  • Dinner for the Hungry.


    Script on collecting fund and then provide dinner to hungry people

    [The scene opens with a young man named John sitting at his desk, looking at his computer screen. He types a few things on his keyboard, and then picks up his phone.]

    John: Hi, this is John. I'm calling because I want to organize a fundraising event to provide dinner to hungry people.

    [Cut to a shot of John walking down the street, holding a poster that says "Dinner for the Hungry Fundraiser." He stops to talk to people passing by.]

    John: Excuse me, would you be interested in helping us provide dinner to people in need? We're organizing a fundraiser and would really appreciate your support.

    [Cut to a shot of a group of people gathered in a community center. John is standing in front of them, holding a microphone.]

    John: Thank you all for coming today. We're here because we want to make a difference in our community. We believe that nobody should go hungry, and that's why we're organizing this fundraiser.

    [Cut to a shot of John holding up a sign that says "Donate Now" with a QR code.]

    John: If you want to support our cause, please scan this QR code and make a donation. Every little bit helps.

    [Cut to a shot of John and a group of volunteers in a kitchen, preparing food.]

    John: Thanks to your donations, we were able to buy the ingredients we need to make a delicious dinner for people in need.

    [Cut to a shot of John and his team handing out plates of food to homeless people.]

    John: Here you go, sir. Enjoy your meal.

    [Cut to a shot of a homeless man smiling and saying thank you.]

    Homeless Man: Thank you so much. I really appreciate this.

    [Cut to a shot of John and his team packing up the leftover food.]

    John: We're happy to have made a difference in someone's life today. And we couldn't have done it without your support. Thank you.

    [The scene fades to black.]

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