Please i do not know why i keep getting this no matter the number of times I try to preview my animation. It just keep loading over and at the end it logs out automatically. Please fix this to enable easy workflow. Thanks 

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  • Can you try the following ?

    1. Use Chrome on a PC
    2. Log out from all Animate 3D accounts
    3. As shown in the attached screenshot, go to Settings and Clear browsing data
    4. Close all Chrome window
    5. Open a new Incognito Chrome window
    6. Login Animate-3D again and re-try
    7. If it fails, repeat 2-6 one more time
    8. If it still fails, try a different browser or Computer. Also right click the Chrome window and select "Inspect" and send us the potential errors from the debug console. 
  • I have tried a different computer, I have tried a different browser and I have cleared all the cache from chrome and all this is done yet the problems still persist. I honestly don't understand 

    • Augustine Orji Have you used "Custom Character" or "Default Character" ? Also what's the "Animation Settings" you used ? Can you generate a .MP4 render out result, download it and view it OK ?

    • GongfuTiger I have tried bot default and custom characters at the beginning and everything worked out fine. I didn't change all the settings I used at first till now. But now the Animation is not working and to make matters worst the preview is not working as well. I am using two different systems yet not one of them is able to get a preview. I also tried three different browsers yet the same thing and I have this error that I just noticed. find attached

      These screenshots are from two different browsers and I have tried to change the WebGL setting  as well yet even after the change no improvement 

    • Augustine Orji Thank you for the detailed report of the problem. We identified a bug during the processing of some videos in the portrait orientation and we have released a hot fix to the production server already. Can you please re-try your video and see if the problem is fixed ?

    • GongfuTiger What i have realized is that this is applicable only to customers characters

    • Augustine Orji Feel free you share the custom character model (unless it was created with our integrated avatar generator) with us via email if you'd like and our engineer team will investigate.

    • GongfuTiger Ok, will do so. Thanks 

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