What clothing is best suited?

Hi there,

Was just wondering what form of clothing is best suited for the ai to capture motion is.

I know that tight clothing is suggested on the site, but would there be issues if that tight clothing is black?  If so, would perhaps marking limbs with bright tape help at all?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  I will be using this tech on a job soon and need to have this process work as flawlessly as possible.  The captured people will be wearing black spandex and I need to know if this will be a problem.

Thanks so much

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  • Novak Miler Thank you for using Animate-3D for your job ! Black spandex should be ok, if your performers have upper arms and lower legs exposed as shown in the Endless Reference videos in our Starter package (BTW, welcome to check out the free Animate 3D Starter package as a reference).  Bright tapes to mark key joints (elbows, knees,  waist) may help.   Also a clean background such as green screen or a solid color wall may also help.  The best way to prepare your capture session is to try a sample clip in the cloth and environment you plan to capture with.  Also make sure to use a fixed camera on a tripod and pick the optimal shooting angle to expose the most details of the performance to the camera. If you found any issues in the test run, feel free to share the result with us for input on how to improve.   Good luck!



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