Hobby project: a lightly animated comic

I am using VRoid Studio to create characters, load them into Unity, and am trying to create a little lightly animated comic, using the web stories format (https://stories.google/). By lightly animated I mean I am not trying to create a full cartoon. This is just a hobby in my evenings. I am trying to create more like a comic book with speech bubbles for text, but where the frames are animated a bit. I have been collecting animation clips to use in Unity, but found that reusing the same walk etc clip for each character reduces the individual personality of each character. So I was having a look at Deep Motion to see if I could create animation clips with more individual personality for the characters. I may end up with using some VTuber software for some scenes that only need head and shoulder shots, then use Deep Motion of full body movement scenes. I am still trying to work out which tools to use.

I am quickly discovering I am not much of an actor however! And I think I need a better lighting set up when taking the videos. 

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  • Sounds exciting, keep us posted on how things are going !

    • Alan Kent
    • Alan_Kent
    • 2 yrs ago
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    Just letting you know this project is still slowly pottering along. I have been working through some other issues, but wrote up a blog on using Deepmotion.com for walk animation clips. https://extra-ordinary.tv/2021/07/06/using-deepmotion-com-to-create-custom-walk-cycles/

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    • Alan Kent Thank you for sharing with us your blog on using DeepMotion Animate-3D for walking clips. It looks promising ! One suggestion is that to reduce self clipping between body parts you can try toggle on the "Physics Filter" feature which uses physics simulation to reduce the inter-clipping between body parts. 

      We just went ahead crediting your account 3 minutes of animation time.  Thank you for using our service to create your animated comics. Would love to hearing from you more.

      For anyone who is interested in creating content with Animate-3D,  we are looking to work with a variety of  content creators on some fun projects by providing support and special access to the service. If you are interested welcome to fill out this form:  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSecHGlPtooRie8s0q83UoQ1YuOk9tSuy2kbVV55Pad9ejfmgQ/viewform

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