Patch 1 Updates

We are one month into our closed alpha for DeepMotion Avatar—thank you to all who are testing our technology! We have already received numerous insights from our new users and are proud to announce our Patch 1 improvements: from new demo scenes, to compound collider support, to a new Pose Controller that supports hybrid Forward dynamics and inverse dynamics. Read the full list of release notes for Patch 1 below:


Features and Improvements

  • Added new Pose Controller that supports hybrid Forward dynamics and Inverse dynamics.

  • Added LiveSync from Sim RigEditor to Unity

  • Added Compound Collider support to Sim RigEditor and bone collider rotation offset is now supported

  • FBX with namespace prefix in the bone names is supported by Sim RigEditor

  • Demo scenes added to Unity :

    • Robot-on-moving-platform-simple (Demonstrate self-walking humanoid)

    • Robotic-arms-simple (Demonstrate Pose Controller)

    • Hinge_tutorial (User Manual example)

    • Compound_body_example (User Manual example)

    • Monster_Truck-APEvsPhysX (Comparison between PhysX truck and APE truck)

    • Tank v blocks (Tank demo)

  • APE User Manual Improvements based on User Feedback

  • Unity APE API document updated for Avatar


Bugs Fixed

  • Crash due to tntLink index corruption after copy/paste/add/delete tntLinks

  • Crash when not tntLinks have "parents" and colliders

  • Hinge oscillation when passing through 180-degree boundary

  • Zero child frame pivot does not work with certain compound links

  • Freeze when “parent” of tntLink points itself


Known Caveats

  • Position motor stutters when Positional Lock Threshold is set to 0 (or very low)

  • APE Physics Material should support Unity’s physics material combine mode

  • Crash when tntRigidBody has no collider

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